Custom Neon Sign - Create Your Own!

Custom Neon Sign - Create Your Own!


💡 Light up your walls with our LED & premium glass neon signs!

⚡ Best prices for premium neon signs!

🚚 Fast shipping! (Free Worldwide Shipping for a Limited Time)

Processing & Shipping:
✓ Your sign is ready to ship within 5-10 business days.
✓ It will be express shipped within 1-2 weeks.

Material & Quality:
✓ Our signs are LED Flexible Neon with Silicon (safer than traditional glass neon and PVC material variants) 
✓ We will include a mountable clear acrylic backing that is personalized to your order.
✓ Comply with CE and ROHS (international safety standard)
✓ Transformer: External- 12 Volts
✓ Lifetime: Up to 50, 000 Hours 
✓ Warranty: 1 year warranty on electrical components for indoor signs, 6 months warranty on electrical components for outdoor signs. Warranty begins from date of purchase. 
✓ Power Cord: 1-2m of power cable which connects to a standard power plug
✓ No buzzing sound

Backing Style (Acrylic board):

Are you ready to take your space to the next level? 
The vibrant, refreshing splashes of dynamic color will instantly transform the room's vibe into whatever you want! Whether you're going for a calm & soothing atmosphere or a cool & electrifying space, unleash your creativity with our neon signs. 

Energize the mood, personalize your room, and of course get compliments from captivated guests all within an affordable and easy-to-setup process. Bring the beautiful and exciting look of neon lights home!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sophia McGill
Amazing service

I had previously had an awful experience with another company (Neon Beach) and so I dm’d Glow Hun on instagram explaining my situation and how I’d had such a bad experience with another company so wanted to ensure everything was legit etc. They were fantastic, understanding and kept me updated the whole way through. The service was impeccable, friendly and accommodating.

The final result is also outstanding, I bought this as a present for my dads garden bar and the final product is just amazing.

Would really recommend this company and all that they do.

Arlene Manaloto
Ordered my second sign and am loving both of them!

I ordered my first custom neon sign back in January and here I am again after ordering my SECOND custom neon sign!! I loved my first one so much that I decided to order one as a gift for a friend who is pursuing a career in music. My first custom neon sign really aided in providing a personalized appearance for my YouTube channel and I felt that the quality of GlowHub's products would be the perfect gift. Again, GlowHub's customer service was exceptional and they paid a lot of attention to the details of my order and provided their expert opinion in fonts, colours, and sizing when I was indecisive. I really appreciate the time that they took to answer any questions that I had regarding my order. Their replies were always in a timely manner and they were very responsive. I notified GlowHub that I needed the custom neon sign within the next 4 weeks and my custom neon sign ended up arriving in 2 weeks earlier than anticipated which is amazing! This is 2 for 2 with their fast delivery times in producing and shipping out my custom neons signs. If you are looking for a company to get a custom neon sign for, I would undoubtedly recommend GlowHub for all of your neon sign needs. They have many great pre-designed options on their website, and if you want to spice up your space or give a great personalized gift, then I would also highly recommend ordering your own custom neon sign. Thank you, GlowHub, for your amazing customer service, high quality product, the BEST pricing for custom neon signs ANYWHERE and the elevated experience I received!

Arlene Manaloto
My first custom neon sign!

I was heavily contemplating on ordering a custom neon sign for a while as the prices for custom signs can be fairly steep. However, after doing lots of research, I found that GlowHub is the leading company that excelled in not only their great competitive pricing, but also their amazing personalized customer service, attention to order detail, and quick shipping times! They were very attentive to my questions and provided lots of visual mock ups to ensure that my vision would come to life just the way I wanted it to. My neon sign came much faster than anticipated and after unboxing it for my YouTube, I found that the quality was of the highest degree and my custom sign was exactly how it was mocked up and how I envisioned it to be! My neon sign really helps to provide a personalized touch to my YouTube channel and adds to the uniqueness that I was hoping to have for my YouTube channel as a creator. I will definitely be ordering more neon signs for myself and for gifts in the future!

Tom Guzman
Love the quality 🔥

For the longest time I was looking for a reliable company to get a custom sign done for my business and these guys killed it! They were responsive and paid attention to every detail. I'm looking to get another one for my personal space in the near future!!


I absolutely love my neon sign. It turned out exactly how I envisioned and the design process was quick and easy! Love the service and how fast it arrived! :)